The message of the Armenian caliphate of Tehran in the memory of Leon Aharonian

Leon Aharonian, one of the benefactors and activists of various Armenian national and social spheres of Iran, passed away at noon on Thursday, September 27, 2016

In the last 60 years, Leon Aharonian has played an effective role in the Armenian community of Iran and Tehran and has lived with the perspective of influencing the social life of the nation and its land. In addition to the Armenian community of Iran, he has had continuous activities in the field of trade, transportation and civil engineering. The valuable services of Seti International Transport Company are obvious to everyone throughout Iran. He was also one of the founders of the Iran-Armenia Chamber of Commerce.

Leon Aharonian is also an active member of the Caliphate Council and has been a member of the Assembly of Representatives of the Armenian Caliphate in Tehran for many years.

They are well-known benefactors and lovers of books. AA Aharonian Armenian Kindergarten, located in the Zaytoun (Majidiyeh) neighborhood of Tehran, was built by him and has always been actively involved in raising funds for Armenian advocacy activities.

His role in establishing and developing trade relations between Iran and Armenia after the re-independence of the Republic of Armenia is undeniable.
School No. 136 in the Olive District of Yerevan, which was destroyed by fire, was rebuilt by him and his late wife and reopened in a glorious ceremony. The Environment Museum of Armenia has also been renovated with his financial support.

The establishment of the “Armenian School” foundation to renovate school benches in Yerevan and its suburbs is another non-profit activity of Leon Aharonian.

As a press activist, Leon Aharonian has been the founder and director of the biweekly Hoys.
Leon Aharonian, as a benefactor and lover of the church, with his direct and indirect financial and spiritual help, has always been by the side of the Armenian religious denomination of Silica and the religious denomination of all Armenians in the Holy Ajmiadzin.

We offer our condolences to Mr. Vahe Aharonian, his son, and other members of the Aharonian family on behalf of the Assembly of Representatives of the Caliphate, the Caliphate Council and the Spiritual Council, the Committee of Inspectors of the Armenian Caliphate of Tehran, and the Armenian community in general.

May the memory of all the dead be blessed.

Armenian Caliphate of Tehran

Source: tehranprelacy